Magic Blend Resins - Burn for love, happiness & good luck

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New to our resin incense range are the Magic Blends.  Of Premium quality, they're blended specifically for healing, happiness and love. 

There's nothing more powerful than meditation.  Our mind's are powerful tools that we often underuse.  With focus and practice you will experience great change, firstly within your own sense of self which will then carry itself through to your life experiences and relationships. 

Happiness Blend contains rock salt, orange oil, lavender oil, frankincense, lavender blossom.

This happiness blend is designed to lift your spirits and bring joy into your life. Burn this blend whenever you feel the need to rejuvinate the spirit.  Be ready to the day. 

Healing Blend contains 

Love Blend contains rose oil, musk oil, rock salt, lemongrass, Palmarosa oil, red rose petals.

This ancient blend of resins, herbs and oils may help you attract love in to your life. Burn this blend to open your heart and help you experience the magic of love. 

What is Resin Incense? 

Resin incense is super old skool!

It has been used since Biblical days and is the original incense of churches & temples.  Resin Incense is powerful, and is derived from natural gums, resins, wood chips and herbs from aromatic plants. 

At JOURNEY we sell several types of Resin, which you can use individually or blend together, making your own totally unique experience.

The magic happens when a heatsource (charcoal disks or tablets) meets the resin - you can then sit back and enjoy therapeutic benefits and fragrance through the resin's aromatic smoke. 

To get your resin on you'll need:


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