Myrrh Resin

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Myrrh Resin is commonly burned for success, spirituality, happiness, strength, confidence and stability. 

Myrrh Resin is used in magical work to open the heart to love.


Elements | Water, Air. 

Planets | Sun, Moon. 

Chakras | 6th - Third Eye, 7th - Crown. 

Did you know? | In ancient Egypt Myrrh was associated with the Goddess Isis, and ritually burned in her honour.

You can also place some Myrrh Resin inside an amulet bag and when worn, it attracts positive vibrations that can help ward off negativity.

You can also hang Myrrh Resin inside a bag in your cupboards - it is said to help alleviate the wants and needs of the household.

For best results burn on charcoal blocks.

JOURNEY Resin Starter Kit