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Trust your intuition

Oracle of the Witch, Reclaim Your Birthright, Flavia Kate Peters; Barbara Meiklejohn-Free; Mira Nurdianti

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It's time for all witches to re-awaken to the magick of the Old Ways.

The Oracle of the Witch has been created to empower all those who wish to explore the ancient path of the Craft. It is packed with wisdom and guidance, and it can also be used as a teaching tool for both seasoned practitioners or new witches.


Each of the 44 cards has a magickal message and witch tips, and you will learn to understand both the shadow and light side of the card meanings. A magickal incantation is also supplied to enable you to draw from, and connect with, the ancient wisdom of yesteryear. The accompanying 144-page guidebook shows you how to harness your personal power as you magically forge together the mystical forces of nature in conjunction with ancient wisdom, magick and ritual.


Each card has:

A Message - Witchy guidance for your day or meditation or spell work

An Incantation Rhyme - Use this short incantation to call in or connect with the energy of the subject of the card

A "Light Side Unveiled" - This is a possible positive meaning of the card

A "Shadow Side Unveiled" - This is a possible negative meaning of the card

A Bit of Witchery - There will be magickal tips, history on the subject, spells, or charms related to each card



Artist/ Author: Flavia Kate Peters; Barbara Meiklejohn-Free; Mira Nurdianti

Format: Cards

Pages: 192

ISBN: 9781925946208

Published: 04/10/2022

Publisher: Rockpool Publishing

Dimensions: 14x 10 x 4cm




Our Tarot & Oracle Library includes a bunch of different authors, including some pretty cool Aussies!

Whether you're new to buying cards, or you've been using them for years, you are welcome to join the Shine Bright Coven.  I try to use our new cards as they arrive, and old favourites are featured also.  You should never be afraid to try something new - you can do anything. 


Frequently asked Q&A - 
The most popular question I'm asked is whether or not you can buy your own tarot or oracle deck. 
  • The answer is a resounding yes!   
The second most popular question I'm asked is "What is the difference between Oracle and Tarot?"
  • The short answer is that oracle cards may provide you the opportunity to find a more deeply intuitive reading, probs because there is no real tradition to the cards.  Tarot is more structured, and can take some time to learn. That being said, you can most definitely pick up a tarot deck and understand what they are telling you!
  • All of our decks come with guidebooks designed to do absolutely that - to teach and guide you on your divination journey.  I recommend oracle cards to anyone who is starting out - you can make them be whatever you want them to be - which will inspire you to try and keep practising. 
My message to you is don't beat yourself up if you're struggling in the first part - learning to trust your intuition is a skill.  I am not an expert in either oracle or tarot - but I am a lover of both.  Shine bright, Pauline.

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