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Sandalwood Powder

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Now available in 25 gram and 100 gram baggies!


Also called Chandan, sandalwood has been used for thousands of years for many purposes, including spiritual and to bring physical health and harmony.

Sandalwood's soft woody scent is mixed with creamy, soft, almost ‘milky’ notes. 

  • Sandalwood is a must-have item in your broom closet because of its potent protection properties.
  • As a sealer for entrances, gently blow the smoke of sandalwood around the doors and windows of your home, or leave some to burn in the entryways.
  • Sandalwood powder mixed with potting soil. adds strength to the plant's root system.
  • Sandalwood can bring positive energy.
  • Sandalwood can remove negative energy.
  • Sprinkle the powder lightly at the four corners of your property, calling on the moon as an energy source for the shield you build to reflect negativity away from your home. 

You can easily incorporate sandalwood powder into your beauty / magic / rituals - give yourself a sandalwood face treatment as part of a full moon bath.  You won't be disappointed. 

  • Remove Blemishes - Apply sandalwood powder mixed with rose water all over your face. And let it dry for some time. Next, dampen the dry sandalwood face mask by spraying a little water over it. Then, rub gently to remove the mask. This face mask helps to cure all types of facial blemishes and it removes the prickly heat fast triggered by excessive sweating. This face mask has drying effects on the skin. If your skin is dry, then you can use milk in place of rose water. 

  • Skin Soothing - Take 4 spoons of sandalwood powder and coconut oil each with 2 spoons of almond oil. Apply this mix on your face and leave it for 15 minutes. Next, wash off with warm water. This chandan powder face mask has a softening effect on your skin; it helps in fading sunburn and helps in curing suntan, given the healing and soothing properties of sandalwood/chandan powder.
  • Acne Cure & Blackheads Removal - Mix one spoon of sandalwood powder, one spoon of turmeric powder and a pinch of camphor together. Apply this magical sandalwood paste on face overnight to get rid of acne, acne scars and blackheads. This home remedy works like a magic in reducing acne, acne scars and blackheads.
  • Lighter & Fairer Complexion: Mix one spoon of almond powder and one spoon of sandalwood powder with milk. Apply it on face till it gets dried up. Wash your face with water thereafter. Use this recipe of sandalwood powder to get skin lighter & fairer skin in a short period of time.


Sandalwood magical correspondences

Santalum album - also known as Underwood, East Indian Sandalwood, Sanders wood


Zodiac: aquarius, cancer, Leo, Pisces, Virgo

Solar system: Mercury, moon, Venus

Moon phase: full

Day: Friday

Elements: air, water

Energy: Yin

Chakras: brow, sacral

Goddess: Venus


Issues, intentions and powers: activate, awaken, astral realm, awareness, balance, banish, clairvoyants, clarity, concentration and focus, consecration and blessings, creativity, divination, dream work, freedom, grounding, emotional and spiritual growth, healing, break hexes, inspiration, luck, general magic armour angel magic armour defensive magic common moon magic, manifestation, negativity, power, protection, psychic ability, purification, rebirth and renewal, relationships, Romance, subsite, sensuality, success, truth, visions, well-being.


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