Sweet Orange Essential Oil

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Use in love magick 
Encourages feelings of acceptance and trust


Magical Properties

Planet – The Sun

Element – Fire

Gender – Masculine

Zodiac – Leo, Sagittarius

Chakra – Sacral

Scent – Citrusy, sweet, and refreshing

Orange essential oil has a variety of uses. These can include applications to:

  • lift your mood or reduce stress
  • treat skin conditions such as acne
  • reduce pain or inflammation
  • relieve stomach upset
  • use as a natural household cleaner
  • add a pleasant scent to a room or to products like perfumes and cleaners

Orange essential oil is one of the most positive and versatile oils you can have in your stash - just one whiff and you'll feel an energetic lift that is as much brightening as it is uplifting. 

Magickal Uses: Make someone like you, increasing sales, seduction - all love works. 

Studies show that enjoying orange oil for just 10 minutes can have stimulating effects that lasts up to 30 minutes afterward.

I recommend Sweet Orange if you are seeking instant cheerfulness, positivity, and a reinvigoration of the spirit.



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