Sweet Orange Essential Oil

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Use in love magick 
Encourages feelings of acceptance and trust


Magical Properties

Planet – The Sun

Element – Fire

Gender – Masculine

Zodiac – Leo, Sagittarius

Chakra – Sacral

Scent – Citrusy, sweet, and refreshing

Orange essential oil has a variety of uses. These can include applications to:

  • lift your mood or reduce stress
  • treat skin conditions such as acne
  • reduce pain or inflammation
  • relieve stomach upset
  • use as a natural household cleaner
  • add a pleasant scent to a room or to products like perfumes and cleaners

Orange essential oil is one of the most positive and versatile oils you can have in your stash - just one whiff and you'll feel an energetic lift that is as much brightening as it is uplifting. 

Magickal Uses: Make someone like you, increasing sales, seduction - all love works. 

Studies show that enjoying orange oil for just 10 minutes can have stimulating effects that lasts up to 30 minutes afterward.

I recommend Sweet Orange if you are seeking instant cheerfulness, positivity, and a reinvigoration of the spirit.


My obsession with all things natural and magical is not a new thing.  I love essential oils, resins and oil infusions.  If you're interested in checking out my collection of essential oils and essential oil blends, you are more than welcome.  Please let me know if you are looking for something in particular - that's what I'm here for!   If you're a lover of cards we stock The Essential Oil Healing Deck by Michelle Schoffro Cook.  It's a wonderful reference to own. 

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