Wish Candles, You can do Magic

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Candle spells are an excellent way to start your magick journey because essentially you can do just about any spell with just a candle and your intention. 

We also have a fantastic bulk wish candle pack and honeycomb beeswax ritual candles (my faves).

I also repurposed some vintage Fowlers Jars (with lids & seals) that I use as recycled altar candles.  They're wayyyy huge and give you more than 150 burning hours.  

Candle magick is something we've all done a trillion (OK, maybe not that many) times in our lives.  On a basic level every year, since as far back as we can remember, we've lit candles to celebrate our birthday, making sure we make a wish before we blow them out!

Some examples of colours and their magickal uses are below:

  • Blue - Calm, Study, Healing, Perception
  • Red - Courage, Love, Passion and Strength
  • Pink - Fun, Compassion, Friendship, Femininity and Love, including self-love
  • Purple - Spirituality, Power &  Wisdom
  • Black - Protection, Safety, Pride & Purification
  • White - Divination, Healing, New Beginnings (you can use white for any magick)
  • Green - Abundance, Wealth, Prosperity, Growth & Health
  • Orange - Justice, Ambition, Creativity
  • Brown - House, Animals, Stability
  • Yellow - For wealth, health, happiness, communication & joy
  • Gold - Increase wealth, prosperity
  • Silver - Victory, Dreams and Intuition. 


Learn more about Candle Magick in these books:


Credit to Zenned Out for their cutey watooty pic that I found on Pinterest. 

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