Personalised Things & Stuff

There's nothing more spesh than something with your name or favourite saying on it.

Celebrate your milestone in style with one of our awesome personalised swig cups which are available in glitter and a gorgeous rainbow! While you're at it, why don't you grab a third one on us for free! 

Or.. Perhaps you're looking for a personalised plushy for a present? 

Our sloths measure 1 metre and are available in pink, purple and mint which all look equally cootey wooty!  Then we have some lovely heat transfer vinyl choices that include some sexy rainbow and hologram patterns.  

But wait... There's more.. .. 

As always our plushy department continues to have you covered.  There are Dinosaurs in stock - Who could forget Arlo's overlooked & underestimated brother, Bill and Fred the T Rex - (dramatic pause) PLUS there's plush unicorns, rainbow cushions, swans, woofers, koala bears, pusheens and unicorns! 

Plus our Metoo koala bears continue to make great gifts for overseas family/friends - everyone knows how much us Aussies love our Koalas! The Metoo brand teds are soooo soft.  You won't be disappointed. 

  Don't forget it's your journey.  That means it's your rules. 

Shine bright, P. xoxo