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  • Wish Candles Bulk Pack - JOURNEY artisan soaps & candles
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JOURNEY artisan soaps & candles

Wish Candles Bulk Pack

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Buy in bulk and save! These 40 packs guarantee you'll be busy spellcasting your cotton socks off!  

Candle spells are an excellent way to start your magick journey because you can do just about any spell with just a candle and your intention. 

We also have individual wish candles and honeycomb beeswax ritual candles (my faves).

Some examples of colours and their magickal uses are below:

  • Blue - Calm, Study, Healing, Perception
  • Red - Courage, Love, Passion and Strength
  • Pink - Fun, Compassion, Friendship, Femininity and Love, including self-love
  • Purple - Spirituality, Power &  Wisdom
  • Black - Protection, Safety, Pride & Purification
  • White - Divination, Healing, New Beginnings (you can use white for any magick)
  • Green - Abundance, Wealth, Prosperity, Growth & Health
  • Orange - Justice, Ambition, Creativity
  • Brown - House, Animals, Stability
  • Yellow - For wealth, health, happiness, communication & joy
  • Gold - Increase wealth, prosperity
  • Silver - Victory, Dreams and Intuition. 


Learn more about Candle Magick in these books:

While you're here you are welcome to eyeball our collection of all things Altar -  There's spell candles, altar cloths, drawers, statues and more. 



Product Details | Wish Candle 1.25cm x 10cm (40 Pack) Assorted

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Amazing!!! A++++

I looked all over the internet for these specific candles. I mean EVERY website I could, for hours and nothing, until Journey came up under another search of mine and BAM there they were, the candles I’d been looking for all day. Great shop! Will shop again for sure. THANK YOU ✨🙏