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What is Black Salt and how do I get me some of that?

Black salt is made by combining your incense / cauldron ash with some salt. 

Lots of different faiths/religions use salt to purify and cleanse.  I use it to banish and trap negative energy, spells of protection, hex breaking, banishment, driving away spirits and overcoming sadness.  

If you walk around my neighbourhood you might have noticed a thick black line that regularly appears on the footpath that goes around our house. Like smudging, you'll get to know when the energy in your home needs cleansing. We're on a corner block, we have lots of visitors and I work in nursing, which is an emotionally draining industry.

For all of those reasons I find myself using black salt in spell-casting every month or so. Having a stash in my pantry means I can just whip it out when needed.

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My Black Salt is made with Himalayan salts and ash from my cauldron. The large size is packaged in an etched storage jar which is totally recyclable and perfect for storing any dry ingredients when finished.


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Black Salt Recipe

What you'll need: 
·   Mortar & Pestle ·   Cauldron / Incense Ash ·   Himalayan Salt ·   Dead Sea Salt (or Kosher Salt from the supermarket) ·  Optional - Ash of your favourite herb (Rosemary and/or Pennyroyal are good choices for this project)
Add your cauldron / incense ash to your mortar and using the pestle, grind small amounts of salt into the ash until combined.
While grinding repeat:
"From Earth to Air, and here to there. I grind you fine with love and care. Through pestle to essence here I sow. From whole to powder, on mortar you go. Round and round may your power grow, and continue to let your energy flow."
When you feel happy with the energy of your salt, then it's time to bottle and label it. 

Here are some uses for Black Salt

  • Draw a line with the salt in front of your windows, property boundaries and/or your gates
  • Place some in the corners of your bedroom to eliminate negativity
  • Place some in a sachet on or near your desk at work to stop gossip and rumours
  • Place some in a sachet under your pillow or bed to prevent nightmares
  • Dump some in your bath if feeling angry or depressed
  • Use it to create a circle of protection
  • Use it to charge scrying mirrors
  • Anoint yourself for added protection
  • Sprinkle the black salt across your doorway while naming the person (or people) whom you do not want to enter your home again and why.
  • Throw it behind Aunt Flo (cover her footprints out of your home) as she leaves to stop her coming back



What you'll need:
·  Black Salt      ·  Spoon
Drop a teaspoon of salt on the ground and then drag it with the bottom of your spoon across the ground leaving a black line as you go - you can go across doorways, windows or if you're like me - around our property line.  
As you do this you should say:
"Negative energy go away. In salt's presence you cannot stay. Bane be gone away as well. I banish you with this salty spell."
Continue to recite the above until you have marked your home as you wish. As you are repeating the verse envision your home as a sacred and positive space.
As you dive further in the moment you should visualise negativity not being able to cross the line that have made with the black salt, keeping your home and heart protected, enveloped by only positive vibrations.

I'd love to know what you think of this spell. Have you done this before?

How did you go?

Shine brightly on your journey, Pauline xx

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