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Mugwort, or Artemisia vulgaris is by far the best-known herb used in magic.  

Other names for Mugwort are Wild Wormwood, Felon herb, St. John’s plant, Moxa, Naughty Man, Black Sage and Sailor’s Tobacco.  Mugwort is a member of the Artemisia family, a family of botanical named after Artemis, protector of women, fertility, creativity, witchcraft, and psychic ability.  No other plant has a more powerful association with magic, especially dream magic, than Mugwort. 

I make myself a tincture of Mugwort and use it before astral travel / guided meditation.  

Element | Earth

Planet | Moon

Gender | Feminine

Zodiac | Pisces 

You can use Mugwort to cleanse and get rid of negativity in the same way as White Sage.  When burning, Mugwort has been described as having a light, earthy, and slightly sweet aroma.  

  • Burn dried Mugwort in loose or stick form (we sell Mugwort & Sage incense sticks and Mugwort Smudge Sticks) to cleanse and protect your space before performing readings and casting spells. 
  • Hang Mugwort above doorways to prevent negativity from entering.
  • Mugwort is associated with the crone phase (waning moon) of the Triple Goddess and is an excellent plant to work with when working with this energy. 
  • Plant Mugwort around your house for external protection (we've done this here! So far I have 8 Mugwort plants growing in both my front and back gardens.) 
  • Make a sachet of dried mugwort to carry with you for protection on the go.

I also found these ideas for using Mugwort that you might be interested in:

  • Steep Mugwort in a bowl of moon water and use this to cleanse your crystal balls, pendulums, and mirrors used for scrying. 
  • Add to a ritual bath with a few drops of your favourite essential oil. 
  • Stuffing a pillow with this herb and sleeping on it will produce prophetic dreams.

Last but not least, you can combine Mugwort 1:2 with sandalwood and other dried herbs to make a loose Mugwort incense.

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