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Lucid Dreaming, Astral Travel & femininity

Mugwort Essential Oil

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Mugwort Essential Oil is arguably the most well-known witchy herb on this wonderful planet of ours. 

Mugwort Magick 
Element:  Earth
Planet:  Moon
Gender:  Feminine
Zodiac:  Pisces 

Mugwort is synonymous with awakening intuition and invoking vivid and lucid dreaming, making it perfect for astral travel. 

  • If you dream in black and white Mugwort may help you to dream in colour. (Reference:  Midura, R. Mugwort for Dreaming)
  • Mugwort is a gently warming, pain relieving and anti-inflammatory essential oil. 
  • Add 1% to grapeseed oil and you've got a wonderful massage oil and you can anoint absolutely anything! 
  • Mugwort is associated with the Goddess Artemis and the moon. These lunar ties give mugwort a strong connection to femininity, psychic work, and all things sleep-related. 
  • Don't forget to put your essential oil out under the full moon to charge! Amp em up baby!

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My obsession with all things natural and magical is not a new thing.  I laaa-love essential oils, resins and oil infusions.  If you're interested in checking out my collection of essential oils and essential oil blends, you are more than welcome.  Please let me know if you are looking for something in particular - that's what I'm here for!   If you're a lover of cards we stock The Essential Oil Healing Deck by Michelle Schoffro Cook.  It's a wonderful reference to use in your practice as well as the book Mixing Essential Oils for Magic, Sandra Kynes.  These resources are fantastic for using when creating your own blends!

New to our website, is the Essential Oils Book of Shadows (BOS) pdf that I created.  You are welcome to print out as many as you like - add them to your book and add to your magic with correspondences. 


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Barbara Wilson
Mug wart oil

Absolutely gorgeous has helped me a great deal since wears the oil will definitely buy more